Round Barn Stories
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The Round Barn is a single-item commerce site for the sale of the book, The Round Barn. The site includes a Paypal portal, downloadable order form, video, and more. An accompanying site, The Round Barn Community, has recently launched a custom-designed Wikispaces account, inviting members to discuss and submit their own stories from The Round Barn.

John Knoepfle
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John is a retired professor at UIS, and uses his site to showcase his publications.

Megan Ryan Personal Portfolio

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This site is my portfolio of personal and professional projects as well as other artistic endeavors.

Linscott Charter School
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The Linscott Parent Co-op Charter School site was a joint endeavor with another web designer. The illustrated graphics are mine; check out the animated banner! See also a few of the curriculum-integrated art projects I designed for various grades.

Round Barn Productions
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Round Barn Productions uses this website as a showcase for greeting cards. The categorization of the cards makes this a great example of a site which could have several different landing pages.

Thank You Eddy!
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Not every website is all about business! Here's one for someone special; just for fun! The designs were made using a combination of .css and background patterns.

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