Love Your House

Love Your House, a house cleaning service.


Oneiros is not the business name, at least not yet. The client wanted the word as a slogan, with the option of using it as a business name at some point in the future. So, we wanted it readable, but not so prominent as to be presumed to be the name of the business. A tricky proposition.

Beloit College Press

Combining the long-time Beloit College logo with a turtle and some interesting type resulted in this logo for their press.

Aprons by ANNETTE

Annette raises ands sells canaries so she know what a mess they can be to clean up after. I combined a relatively realistic line drawing of the bird with a playful, decorative font for Annette's name, to depict the joy and companionship this charming bird can provide to its family.

Girly Girls Unlimited

The Girly Girls logo was created to be very flexible for the business owner. Girly Girls has several divisions; she is able to import the logo, in various colors, into her own application and place the division name below the logo.

Round Barn Productions

Round Barn Productions uses this website as a showcase for greeting cards. The categorization of the cards makes this a great example of a site which could have several different landing pages. This image was originally a photograph which was then manipulated in Photoshop.

Educational Resource Center

Educational Resouce Center is a business lending learning materials. The logo depicts children's eagerness to participate and learn.

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