*Fireside Evening

This work was done in ink and colored marker.

*Sam with Chart

Shown here without the chart.

Unidentified Floating Object

Girl floating in an innertube, reading and enjoying the afternoon sunshine. Paint on canvas.

*Miss T

This pencil drawing accompanies the poem, "Miss T," by Walter De La Mare. The type would be set against the scroll behind Miss T.

Miss T

It's a very odd thing
As odd can be
That whatever Miss T. eats
Turns into Miss T.

Porridge and apples,
Mince, muffins and mutton,
Jam, junket, jumbles
Not a rap, not a button

It matters; the moment
They're out of her plate,
Though shared by Miss Butcher
And sour Mr. Bate

Tiny and cheerful,
And neat as can be,
Whatever Miss T. eats
Turns into Miss T.
—Walter de la Mare

Portrait sans Self

Ink and Watercolor. A "self-portrait," lol.

© Megan Trever Ryan: