The menu below lists my basic services. Click for a brief description, or choose from the menu on the left for complete information and examples of work in each field.


Discuss website needs for your small business or help you evaluate your current solution. Initial consultation is included with a contract for a new design.


Put your site on my server space. Free with a contract to design or redesign a site.

Website Startups

If this is your first website, I'll help you determine your needs and design a workable and friendly site, unique to you and your business.

Update, maintain or re-design existing websites

Has your website been neglected? Bring it up to date or create a brand-new look for the updated information.

Content Management

If you want a custom website, but also want to be able to update text yourself, there's a super simple solution for you. No code needed!

Built-in SEO

Provide guidance for the basic search engine concerns that should be built into your website from the ground up, and discuss other choices about ongoing search-engine ranking.

Custom Illustration

Custom Illustration for your publication.

Banners, Logos and other graphics

If you've chosen an online template service, you want your site to look unique and reflect who you are. I'll create a logo or incorporate your current logo into a banner according to your specifications. Or, I'll custom design the perfect site around your new banner.

Wiki Customization (WikiSpaces)

Wikispaces is an opportunity for a group of people to come together in cooperation to participate on a common site. Create a banner or customize your site into a unique and attractive place for people to congregate and share.


Using the Shopsite eCommerce program, design a custom website that plugs your products into their convenient shopping cart.

Do you have other website-related needs such as copywriting, writing auto responder emails, ongoing SEO consultation, or video scripting? I have access to a network of specialists who cover other aspects of creating and maintaining websites. If you have a special need you don’t see listed – just ask.

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